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About Davine Realty, Sunshine Coast

Allison Davine

Director and Senior Property Manager

Allison has lived on the Sunshine Coast for 20 years and has been in the real estate industry for 15 years. She has attained her Real Estate Licence and is experienced in all fields of property management and sales. She has used her years of knowledge and practice to formulate an exceptional real estate company that looks after the locals and newcomers alike in buying, selling and renting. 

"It astounds me how much the Sunshine Coast has developed and adapted to the growing community. Its charming small-town feel attracts families and retirees; however, the booming developments have made it a place for young people to thrive."

  - Allison Davine

Allison Davine Real Estate Agent

Get to know Davine Realty

Why Choose Davine Realty?

Have you been dealing with the same Property Manager since being with your current agency?

I can guarantee that your investment will be looked after by me personally. I have built this agency from scratch, so your property will be treated and looked after as if it were my own. Each and every report,  maintenance request, and selection of tenants are done by me. 

Does your current Property Manager have your back?

Has there ever been a dispute about accidental damage caused by the tenant? We take 1000+ photos for each entry and exit report - minimum. Additionally, we take comprehensive notes about each of the photos. Similar notes are taken during routine and regular inspections. We do this all so that we have solid evidence if anything goes wrong - we have your back all the way.

Is your Property Manager adaptable and flexible to new ideas and strategies and offering you the best possible service?    

Many franchise agencies state they are the best in the area. However, they cannot offer 100% personalised service, professionalism, excellent communication, and next-level care for your investment while continuously adapting to future technologies. As your Property Manager, we promise to deliver all of this and more.  

Property Management ebook cover.jpg

Landlord's guide to investment property rental and management.

Are you wondering how to get the most out of your rental property? Download our free guide and get started today. The eBook details how we can help get the right tenant for your property and turn them into an excellent long term tenant by great management. 

Thanks! We hope you enjoy this guide book.

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