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Home Owners on Sunshine Coast

Buying on QLD's Sunshine Coast

Wow! So you’re ready to make the big move.


It might be your first home or investment property. Maybe your circumstances have changed and you're downsizing or upsizing. No matter what, it’s always an exciting time - but also a time filled with stress and worry!


At Davine Realty we are happy to help you work through any queries you may have. Here are a few simple things to consider before you start the journey.



A property is said to be the most expensive purchase people will ever make, but just like anything, the first aspect to consider is your budget. Most buyers will need finance, and whether you chose a bank or broker is a personal choice. Both will have their advantages and disadvantages. When securing a bank loan, an ideal interest rate may be sought with flexibility and tax benefits. However, what they have to offer the individual may be limited. A broker will be able to shop around for what is best you. Below is the details of a well-respected broker, as well as more information on the home-buying process. 

The Home Buying Process


Once you have your figures and budget, its best to work out where you want your new home to be. Make contact with a reputable local agent. Be honest with the agent, so they can show you what you can really afford. At Davine Realty, we are happy to help educate you on the property values for the size and location you are looking for. 


When you find the home of your dreams, you will put in an offer, and a contract will be drawn up and presented to the owner of the property. Once the offer is accepted, an initial deposit is required. Generally, a contract will be subject to the standard conditions, building and pest and finance. A date for the conditions to be met will be agreed upon by the buyer and the seller. Once the conditions are met, a secondary deposit is usually required, and then the balance is due upon settlement.


Allow for buying expenses such as stamp duty (first home buyers might be eligible for a concession), lending charges, removal company, legal costs, building and pest house inspection, connection fees, body corporate fees and home and contents insurance.

Don't buy for today, buy for tomorrow!


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