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Tenant Information

Simple tips to help secure your new abode


Arrive on time.

When viewing a property, aim to arrive 5 minutes or more before viewing time to show that you are keen and respectful of the property manager and the residing tenants.

Present yourself well.

Just as if you are going for a job interview, proper presentation conveys a message to the owner that you care about creating a good impression which indicates you are likely to look after the home.


Be honest on your application.

Honesty from the beginning helps to build a rapport with the real estate agency and therefore also the landlord. This will put you on the right track to being chosen over other applicants and stay in the good books while renting.


Once approved.

An appointment will be made for you to collect your keys and receive the Entry Condition report. It is imperative that this is returned as per the allotted time. This is a legal document and should be kept for reference at the end of the tenancy.


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