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A Perfect Time to Buy?

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

On the back of record breaking growth in the property sector, and Australia's slow but gradual escape from the claws of COVID-19, the Reserve Bank of Australia is considering incrementally increasing interest rates.

The hesitancy introduced by these increasing rates, could provide the perfect opportunity for prospective buyers, whether first-home or not. Those buyers who found themselves on the sidelines priced out by the recent real estate boom will find that the rising interest rates are likely to slow down the market. It could also be the perfect time to get in and get your loan fixed for long term financially stability.

Wurtulla Beach

New projects being built in the Sunshine Coast region, provide further opportunities for those looking to buy. The beautiful Bokarina Beach currently has luxurious housing in development headed by Australian development company Stockland. For those seeking value, an investment property in the idealic Bokarina Beach surrounded by modern facilties will tick all your boxes.

Davine Realty can provide the service you need for your propery management. We have over 15 years of real estate and property management experience in the Sunshine Coast region. Whether you are local or from afar, you can be certain that Davine Realty will provide the professionalism and service you deserve.

Whilst the uncertanties of COVID-19 may still be plaguing your mind, we believe that by virtue of potential interest rate increases, property prices may become the most affordable they have been in years.

Get in touch with Allison our expert real estate agent at Davine Realty, for any assistance with either buying or managing your properties.

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