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The Complete Property Management Service

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

There are numerous day-to-day challenges in investment Property Management. Davine Realty is the most efficient Property Management Agency in the area, so let us do what we do best and take the stress and worry away so you can get on with what you like doing

Property manager works with client

We Manage Property Expenses

Nobody likes to deal with bills. Water bills, maintenance bills, rates, insurance and all that’s in between. Each of these can be set up so they are directed straight to us. From there, we can take the money from our trust account in which the tenant pays weekly rent into, in addition to sending the tenant a bill when required. All of which is hassle free for the landlord, and unless you instruct us otherwise, you will just receive the tax invoice and not have to worry about the payment side.

Income Distribution

We use an effective and easy to use online program called PropertyMe. You will be given a personal login to use in order to view, download and print statements, making it so simple to track down any documents you may need.

The Best of the Best Tradespeople

We never leave the job up to you to find a handy man to fix the job! We know the best locals in the area to help you out. Getting a quote is the first step and depending on the urgency it can be done immediately or in the near future. The tradespeople we have on call are reliable, professional and well trusted by us and we have been using the for many years.

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