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Renovation Rescue!

Updated: May 14, 2021

Just two years ago 116 Barton Road, Hawthorne hit the market. This rundown Queenslander was surrounded by million-dollar homes but somehow got to the point of unlivable with an overgrown garden - in need of a lot of hard work and TLC.

This now extraordinary home of 2 kids, a Jack Russel, a Greyhound and Mr. & Mrs Smith. Mr Smith is a builder and was doing a job across the road when he saw this house for sale. He immediately saw the character and potential for the home and his wife thought it would be the perfect relocation for the family from their current Queenslander.

“We didn’t have any real concerns as we knew we wanted to retain the original home and restore it to its former glory, which would help retain the beautiful street facade. We felt the home deserved to be there as it stood when it was first built. It had a lot to give back to the street.”

The once single-story, two-bedroom, one-bathroom home is now an "architectural masterpiece” — embracing indoor-outdoor flow, natural lighting, wide-open spaces and double-height ceilings, as described by Real estate agents Paula Pearce and Mikaela Crone.

There are five large bedrooms, including a master retreat that has a wraparound walk-in robe, and even a second living area designed to create a private wing for the children for movie nights.

Some of Mrs Smiths tips include “marry a builder. finding a great architect is imperative. Be patient. Surround yourself with an amazing team of people. Stay true to your ideas. Be ready for lots of hard work. Make sure everyone is on the same page with your level of expectation to finishes.”

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