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Comprehensive Inspections 

Updated: May 14, 2021

In order to keep the right tenants occupying your property and to ensure it maintains or increases in value, it’s vital that ongoing maintenance is carried out when needed. Just like a property you would live in yourself.

Comprehensive Inspections

There are a number of inspections done throughout each tenancy, including the entry inspection and report, routine inspections every three months and when necessary, as well as an exit report.

Each of these inspections involves a detailed entry report as well as a minimum of 500 photographs (for evidence) if there is a dispute down the track.

We take pride in the way your property is kept and maintained so it is important that the appropriate actions are taken by the tenant as soon as possible to report any issues with the home.

Being a small business you can be assured that any urgent maintenance will not be forgotten about or put to the side. We have 24-hour contacts for all trade, and if required, it can be handled immediately.

Many people believe they can manage their investment themselves. But they may not realise the amount of work it takes to manage the property in between the beginning and end of the tenancy. It is this in-between period that ensure you property maintains its maximum value.

It’s your decision as to whether you want to have the final say in accordance with any repairs or maintenance, but unless said otherwise, you will be notified of any issues, and everything is reported.

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