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Find the Right Tenant

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

It doesn’t matter if it is a residential or commercial property, marketing will be put in full force when you say ‘go’. The aim is to find the right tenant in the shortest amount of time to ensure you are getting the maximum return on your property.

Finding Your Dream Tenant

We will have your property listed on a variety of advertising platforms as soon as you are ready, databases such as domain,, and our website. This will attract potential tenants and ensure we have the details of people wishing to view your property.

Scheduled appointments for viewings can be set up throughout the week, as well as other inspections for the tenants that can’t attend the listed times. Something a lot of property managers don’t do is Open Homes on Saturdays. In order to acquire the best tenant, there should be inspections set up all week.

A professionally installed sign board will be set up outside the home or apartment complex ( subject to Body corporate rules). This with advertise the homes leasing state and make it obvious for passing audience.

Additional advertisement can easily be arranged such as paper advertisements or balcony view signage.

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