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Are You planning on Downsizing? Don't Compromise on this...

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Downsizing home

For some the decision to downsize to an apartment or smaller home is easy. The kids have moved out and you would much prefer to be having Saturday lunches and morning beach walks rather than spending the weekends doing never-ending home upgrades and maintenance. The process seems so simple and the dream lifestyle awaits once you make some final decisions.

There are a few no brainers when it comes to compromising. Such as giving up that extra spare room, or not having the third bathroom. However, when it comes to long term liveability there are a few things that compromising on will not help the cause.

1. The m2 of the apartment or home

2. Storage space

3. The size of the master bedroom

This is where affordability and practicality come into play. There is no point in going below the budget if you don't feel comfortable in the space you have bought.

Size of the property

It is definitely worth taking a look at the m2 of the apartment before anything else. It may be comfortable for you and your partner however what will happen when the grandkids are over for the day or friends want to pop by? Finding an apartment with a roomy living area will have a lot of benefit down the track.

Where will you store the vacuum?

Okay... The vacuum may not be the top of the priority list, but storage is important in the grand scheme of things. Have you got any larger items that need to be stored like bikes, golf clubs, and anything else in between? There is no point in spending more money on a storage unit or storing your items elsewhere as this is not convenient in the long term.

The main room

Measure twice move once. Before you buy it is important to consider all the furniture currently in your master bedroom. You may be moving on some things but making sure there is adequate space for your bed and two bedside tables.

Of course, having a top-notch view is important in picking the right place, but having enough space is critical to being able to have a function and comfortable living environment now and in the future.

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