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WARNING! Things to Look Out for When Selecting a Property Manager

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

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It feels like a lifetime ago since I started working in the realestate industry and during my last 11 years of being a Senior Property Manager I have seen a lot of good, bad and down right silly things. However, through all the late rent and unapproved pet and people stories I have also become aware of the more important aspects of property management including some common mistakes that many Landlords may make when picking a property manager. The most prevalent is thinking that all property management agencies are the same in terms of their service and charges. Within this post Davine Realty will distinguish between an inefficient and an outstanding property management team.

Don't Be Mislead By What Appears to be the Cheapest Fees

Many agents will charge for services which we believe are standard inclusions that should be carried out as a part of basic property management service such as routine inspection fees, lease renews, and organisation of maintenance and repairs. We include these as regular services in conjunction with your insurance polices for all landlords. This is because we want your properties to stay in their best condition in order to maintain their value and attract the best tenants.

Experience Matters

Don't get me wrong I love an up and coming property manger new to the industry. But like anything, having more realtime experience is an important aspect of effective property management. I have be fortunate enough to have met and worked with lots of landlords, tenants and all that's in-between. This has provided me with the knowledge and management skills (& sometimes entertainment) to look after your investment property. I'm knowledgable of the legislation, have been kept up to date with extensive training through Stacey Holt (Realestate Excellence) and take pride in looking after your investment.

Local Knowledge gets Tenants

You may have a whole lot of people telling you what your property is worth to rent, but without the detailed knowledge of the area and the amount of demand for the types of properties tenants are looking to rent, it's very difficult to justify the perfect amount. Vacancies in the area effect the rent price and all effect the likelihood of the property achieving your desired rent and tenant. Having the experience enables me to help to guide you in achieving the best with the most suitable tenant in the shortest amount of vacancy time.

Even if you are new to the investment property game we would be happy to chat to you with no obligations, whether that is buying a property to invest, switching over to Davine Realty, or any other general inquiries in relation to realestate.

Allison Davine - Davine Realty

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